Frequently asked questions

What is tarot reading about?

Tarot reading provides clarity in your current situation to help you make better decisions for your future. It is based on your energy and your current situation. The future can change at any moment when you make a decision to change. Your future is not set in stone. In fact, tarot reading cannot provide you a solid path - unless that is what you're determined to do. Do remember that tarot provides guidance, but the ultimate decision maker is you. You have the free will to decide on things! Here's an example. Let's say you would like to strike it rich..there are many ways to do that but tarot can offer you the one path you'd most likely take. Should you not agree or think it feasible, then your path will change in due course. It's not immediate, it's gradual. Like all things grow, so does change.

What tarot reading is NOT.

The common misconception is that tarot reads into the future and that the future is set in stone. No, tarot does not just read into a future that is set in stone. Tarot reading provides clarity on your current path and gives you guidance to the future you hope to achieve. This also means that you have free will and is able to change your path in life.

What is tarot reading based on?

Most tarot readings are based on focus, intuition and energy.

What to expect from your tarot reading session?

Tarot is not the same as meeting a psychic. A psychic can tell you what is going to happen in full confidence. Tarot gives you guidance to the future you hope to achieve. Because tarot readings are based off your energy, please come with a very open mind and be focused in your readings should you do one with me. At times, it may seem like you do not resonate with the readings. It may be because situations have not unveiled the way the tarot explains, or it can also mean that you are not focusing on the questions you are asking. Tarot reading does not answer what you want to know roughly 70% of the time, it tells you what you need to know to make changes to the path you hope to get to. So, as said, it is important to come with an open mind and be focused on the questions you would like to ask!

What you need to do before each session?

1. Come with an open mind. 2. Be very specific with your question(s). 3. Manage your expectations when doing a reading. Why? Sometimes the readings can be things you might not agree with - because it hasn't happened yet. 4. Be honest. When you come with an open mind, you must also be honest with yourself. This will provide more clarity for you. Tarot gives you guidance but most of the time the solid decisions depends on you and the choice you make. It is based on free will. You decide, not the tarot. Remember that!